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Yuken Teruya’s MacDonald’s Paper Bag Tree

Camera Roll-400 by yoxito
Camera Roll-400, a photo by yoxito on Flickr.

I’ve just been to a small exhibition at Capsule gallery, Mishuku (Ikejiri/Sangenjaya), Tokyo where you can see recent works of Yuken Teruya, just for weekends.

This time mainly he showed us all these miniature, fragile, delicate trees made of paper bags from MacDonald’s, Starbucks, and some fashion boutiques like Prada or Louis Vuitton.

The balance of conceptual manipulation and artisanal quality, absurdity in a good sense and surprising beauty of his works is amazing!

He himself was working there repairing some of his paper-bag-made-tree.

A friend of mine, Rie once worked for him when he held an exhibition at Hara Museum, Tokyo where I had a chance to salute him.

He possibly didn’t remember me but kindly explained us his works. Loved it!

Camera Roll-399
Camera Roll-403
Camera Roll-404
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Camera Roll-406
Camera Roll-407