Edificio Girasol by J. A. Coderch (1966)

Edificio Girasol by yoxito
Edificio Girasol, a photo by yoxito on Flickr.

This is really a peculiar building in many senses… A building by Coderch in Madrid, not in Barcelona (Away Game), who intentionally ignored the typical 19C “ensanche” characteristics of this district, even though maintaining that snobbish concept, or even enhancing it. Still, this rather austere appearance (the interior distribution seems to have changed since then, perhaps?) doesn’t imply, at least directly, any post-modern or what-so-ever language of lux.
It just looks a bit different from other modern buildings of the district, just because of that curved brick-faced walls… and these walls are a quite interesting example of brick-use in Spanish Modern Architecture, I think.

Bohigas said (quoting freely):
La Unité had asked for the change of life-style, but Girasol transferred the bourgeois life-style in an isolated house directly to this urban block.

I always had intention to visit this building but I had never passed near… That day I was looking for some “pijada” for my son in Salamanca district, and, there it is!

found the plan here


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